Hole 11

All pin descriptions are for RHBH.

Mandos: right of marked tree. Re-tee if missed with a stroke penalty.

OB: creek right

Hole Sponsor: NorCal and Arizona Aceholes

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Pin descriptions

There’s a tree about 25′ away from the tee box that helps players decide which disc to throw on this placement. If you throw right of the tree, you’ll need something overstable to skip back. If you throw left of the tree, then something straight with less low speed fade will put you in position.

At 312′ this placement is a pretty standard hyzer pull to the right of the tree by the tee. If the forehand is your throw, then you can play it straight with a disc that doesn’t have a lot of fade to get it close to the basket.

Much like pin B, this placement can be played straight, or with a nice flex shape to the flight. If you go right of the tree off the tee, make sure you throw a disc that will skip hard left towards the basket.