Hole 14

All pin descriptions are for RHBH.

Mandos: none

OB: Field right of walking path is hazard. Play where it lies with a stroke penalty.

Hole Sponsor: Norcal Adventure Dog

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Pin descriptions

The shortest of the pin placements makes for a very gettable birdie at 259′. Most players opt for a fairway driver or a midrange disc to get it in circle one.

At this point in the round the arm is stretched so you should be ready to rip a drive. At 369′ it’s a good pull, and the one thing you don’t want to do is flip your drive to the OB on the right side of the walking path.

Another 30′ behind pin B is this placement which has a row of guardian trees protecting the basket. If you have the arm speed and can avoid these trees, then you’ll be looking at a chance for birdie.

The longest of the pin placements on hole 14 is a very challenging par 3. You might even call it a par 3-1/2. So if you’re able to get par here give yourself a pat on the back because you’re more than likely getting a stroke on your card.