Hole 15

All pin descriptions are for RHBH.

Mandos: Left of marked tree. If missed, proceed to drop zone with a stroke penalty.

OB: All creek and beyond is OB. If you are in the creek on your drive, take where it crossed with a stroke.

Hole Sponsor: Julian Hardy

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Pin descriptions

This position is rarely seen, but does at times make a cameo to reward a good putter shot with a birdie.

This placement rewards long, straight shots with an easy late fade. Why an easy late fade you ask? The OB creek is about 20′ away from the basket to the left, and shots with big skips usually end up in the muck.

We’re starting to get back into the trees with this placement. Most players will opt for a forehand straight up the fairway, and the big arms may try to throw a flex to get it close to the pin. Get a birdie here and you’re getting a stroke on your card.

Pin D is one of two par 4 placements on the course. This placement features:
A. 490′ between tee and pin
B. Lots of trees tee and pin
C. See A and B above
There are a couple tunnels after a good drive to get your disc close to the basket, but this requires precision off the tee and on the approach.