Hole 16

All pin descriptions are for RHBH.

Mandos: none

OB: Field right of walking path is hazard. Play where it lies with a stroke penalty. All creek is OB.

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Pin descriptions

The shortest of pin positions on hole 16, this 321′ par 3 is a very gettable birdie. The key is to make sure you keep it nice and wide on the drive so you don’t get a bad flare skip into the creek left of the basket.

This placement begins to test the OB edge that is the red line to the right of the walking path. Throw something too flippy here and you’ll be playing it where it lies with a stroke penalty.

This is known as the ‘keyhole’ placement, and is down towards the creek. Big arms *may* get the disc down towards this position, while most casual players are happy to find good position on the fairway and leave themselves a manageable par bid.

This placement is great if you have 450′ of power and feel comfortable flying your disc over OB. So long as you know you can bring that disc back in bounds with the risk of flipping it (the wind can pick up in this open space), then you’re good.

Much like pin D, the E placement is a big pull as it’s a 491′ par 3. Most casual players are happy with par here, while the big arms would be happy with birdie here as you’re more than likely getting a stroke on your card.