Hole 18

All pin descriptions are for RHBH.

Mandos: none

OB: All creek is OB. Area right of walking path is hazard. Play where it lies with a stroke. Garden area is OB, play where you crossed.

Hole Sponsor: Chainbang

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Pin descriptions

The shortest of pin placements on hole 18 sets up for a hyzer that skips towards the basket. The key here is to not get too much skip as there is OB to the left of the basket, and it is downhill so big skips can and do happen here.

Make sure the path is clear before throwing this placement. Most casual players will throw a driver out to the right that will fade back towards the basket.

Across the small creek, pin C is a big pull for most casual players. Bigger arms will throw something that has the glide to make birdie a possibility.

Across the small creek and protected by guardian trees in the front, this placement is bonus birdie for casual and advanced players. Flex forehand shots give the best possibility for the elusive 2.

What better way to finish up 18 holes of golf than a 500′ par 4? If you keep your disc on the fairway, you’re looking great for par. Better yet, get your drive close to or past the small creek to give yourself a good look for birdie.