Hole 2

All pin descriptions are for RHBH.

Mandos: None

OB: All creek, hockey rink, skate park. Creek area short of B position is played as casual

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Pin descriptions

The shortest of the pin positions on hole 2, this position has been made tougher with the red OB lines that line the narrow strip that’s in bounds.

For you RHBH players out there, try not to flip your drive to this pin placement as the roller rink and skate parks are OB.

Tough to get close to this pin position as it’s surrounded by OB, reeds, and water. Bird this one and get a stroke on the card.

The best bet to birdie is to throw a laser RHBH under the tree canopy and flare skip a high-speed driver towards the pin.

Similar to pin D, if you have 450′ of power and can throw it low and fast you should be good. There are also rumors that a hyzer flip works here.

The longest placement on the second hole is a big ripper of a rip. Most casual players are hoping for par here, and -1 for the big arms here is a bonus birdie for sure.